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Give yourself the gift of Inner Hug

Inner Hug is a potent, one-of-a-kind formula to help banish your anxiety and balance your body’s hormones. Inner Hug helps you reduce cortisol levels, which reduces stress and anxiety, promoting serene, calm feelings.

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Inner Hug’s super-powered secret: Kanna

Kanna has been used for thousands of years to reduce anxiety and promote inner joy and peace. The Indigenous peoples of South Africa consider Kanna to be a sacred herb. Although Kanna is not widely used in the Western World yet, Kanna is an all-natural remedy that can give you peace of mind and restore balance to your body.

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Unlock your inner strengths, reach your full power

Anxiety can hinder our ability to understand our full potential. Through my own journey as a life coach and as the creator and user of Inner Hug, I have found that when we experience blocks in our path, we tend to be unclear on how to continue our unique journey.

Hi, my name is Maria

I love helping individuals clear their limiting beliefs, heal trauma, and restore balance in the mind and body. My training and background in energetic healing, intuition development, shamanic psychology, and Buteyko breathing allow me to guide people to live their destined lives.

You are not alone! I know how it feels to be stuck and anxious

Through my journey as an intuitive life coach and my personal journey of self-growth, I have tried many different modalities over the past decade. Many of them only scratched the surface, so I searched for those who helped me and my clients transform. I have combined several very powerful tools for transformation into a system that I use to help my clients get to the root of their unconscious blocks. Clearing your unconscious blocks will help you live the life you are meant to live!

Turn off your anxiety, turn on the balance

After my personal experience with Kanna, I knew I had to bring it to the world so that other people afflicted with anxiety could finally have the answer. I started a company called Somagenix, and we started importing Kanna directly from South Africa. We partnered with Hino Labs—a leading nutraceutical company in California that’s been working with Kanna and other adaptogenic herbs for over 25 years to develop a unique formulation of Kanna called Inner Hug.
“Inner Hug slowed down the overwhelm for me, and I just felt a lot more calm and easy.”
“It works fast—usually within just 30 minutes, I can feel it. I couldn’t be happier about finding Inner Hug. It’s really been the only thing that’s worked for me.”
“I like that Inner Hug is all-natural. Kanna is a plant that's been shown to work really well for anxiety… Inner Hug just makes me feel normal, more at ease, more connected, and more comfortable, which is great.”

Live your life without limitations

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